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V o c a l   I n s t r u c t i o n

 Can anybody sing?  

 Or do you have to be born with it?  

M Y T H S   A B O U T   S I N G I N G
  • Myth:    Many people think you either "have it" or "don't have it", "talented" or "untalented".



  • Myth:    Tone deaf


  • Myth:    "I can't sing."


  • Myth:    "You can't teach me to sing."


  • Myth:    "I know how I sound because I can hear myself."

  • TRUTH: Singing can be learned like any other instrument. Vocal technicians are trained to do just that. They give you technical exercises to coordinate the musculature of the voice with the breath to get it going. The talent may be in how quickly you coordinate the process.


  • TRUTH: This is a misnomer. People learn to sing on pitch. It comes with experience.


  • TRUTH: You learn the techniques that may it work, just like any other instrument.


  • TRUTH: I've heard this time and time again. If you have a desire to sing, and start learning what makes it happen, people are very surprised that they can sing.


  • TRUTH: The sound in your head is NOT the sound in the room. No one but you hears the sound inside your head. It is necessary to use a quality recording to hear how you truly sound and trust your teacher's ears.

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