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Tissa Koshy

Sarah Stokes is a devoted piano teacher and an ideal mentor for anyone seeking greater achievement and more enjoyment in piano and voice education.

She is highly experienced, very professional, always kind and extremely patient towards her students.

One of Mrs. Stokes' excellent qualities is that she diligently encourages one to do one's absolute best with every piece, paying attention not only to technical details necessary, but also to the emotions that the piece should express.

Mrs. Stokes' has a high degree of compassion, flexibility, and tolerance.  She has the rare talent of imparting to a student the qualities of music appreciation, the joy of learning, and the drive & yearning to achieve their goals.

I would recommend Sarah Stokes for anyone looking for an enriching musical education and the will to work hard.

Kim and Josh Crozier

For over two years Sarah has provide sound instruction and coaching for our two daughters. We have seen their voices grow in maturity and quality which has resulted in an increased level of vocal range, confidence and capability. They are now performing better than ever and are eager to practice and learn more. Her teaching is not limited only to how they sound but extends to how they use their voice offstage and prepare it to be the best it can be for a lifetime. We give Sarah the highest recommendation to those that are serious about their vocal training."  


My two girls have taken both voice and piano from Sarah for a number of years and we are thoroughly impressed with her professional classes, discipline, and personality. We feel lucky to have met her and she has also become a personal friend! Can’t say enough positive things about her!

Julie Christianson

Mrs. Stokes was the perfect voice instructor for our daughter.  We came to her this year on referral from THREE other families whose children have worked with her.  She took my daughter who was 18, had not had voice lessons and was very reserved and helped her achieve a lead role in our school musical within just a couple of months.  Sarah came to know our daughter's strengths and weaknesses (and how to push her buttons) very quickly!  She didn't only teach technique, but also a confidence in singing that she had not had before and a few tricks on how to dig deep to rise to the occasion when nervousness starts to take over!  Sarah cared about her success overall in life as well as in singing.  My daughter came to love and respect Sarah even though she pushed her hard and was so proud that Sarah came to her performance.  I, myself, was totally amazed at the transformation that I watched (and heard) take place in a matter of a few months.  We are eternally grateful for Sarah Stokes!

Robert Curley, Pastor, Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Georgetown, Texas

Sarah Stokes is an accomplished professional musician and vocalist, as well as a gifted and outstanding teacher and coach.  My family and I moved to Georgetown from California three years ago.  My son had been taking piano lessons for three years under two different teachers.  He started piano lessons when he was eight years old.  When he started taking lessons from Sarah, we discovered that his previous teachers had used a “method” approach to teaching.  While he could play the piano and had made progress, he could not read music.  He had also developed some bad habits of technique that interfered with his development as a pianist.  Sarah identified these issues in his first lesson.  She immediately took a real interest in his learning and artistic growth.  She knew exactly the steps to take to provide my son the necessary knowledge and to train him in acquisition of skills, and she established a very positive relationship with him as teacher, coach, and friend. 


After a year of piano, he added voice lessons.  His voice had not yet begun to change, so Sarah trained him as a soprano.  In the past three years, he has performed on the piano in three recitals and two piano guild events.  He has also sung in two recitals.  His voice started to change this past year, and Sarah has recently helped him begin to develop a strong baritone voice.


I also became interested in learning to sing and took voice lessons from Sarah for about two years.  Although I did not read music or know anything about singing, other than singing at home or in the congregation at church, Sarah proved to be a kind, patient, and effective teacher and coach.  I only recently discontinued lessons because my schedule does not currently allow me time to practice.


Sarah’s love for music is contagious, and her education, gifts, and experience as a professional vocalist and pianist brings to her teaching and coaching a caliber of excellence and a breadth of knowledge that contribute immensely to the interest, motivation, development, and success of her students.  Along with her expertise as an artist and teacher, her genuine affection for her students, real interest in their lives, thoughtful care for their circumstances, and joy in their progress make the learning and work involved in piano and voice lessons an exciting and enriching experience for both children and adults.  I gladly give her the highest possible recommendation to anyone who has a serious interest in learning piano and/or voice or who wants his or her children to learn to love music and to perform it.

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