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Vocal Training


Services Offered

  • Private Singing Lessons

  • Vocal Coaching - includes different styles of music and singer's languages in Italian, French, German, Latin, and Spanish

  • Sight Singing and Ear Training


Key Benefits

  • Increased Range

  • Increased Power

  • Skills in what makes singing really GREAT!

  • Prevent Vocal Abuse with proper technique


As a vocal technician, I am trained to listen to your voice and analyze what is needed. The lesson consists of instructions to correct "vocal faults". This is not an aspect of talent vs. no talent. Many times when people find out what makes singing work, they are very surprised. It's quite physical. There are a lot of scientific truths in singing. The lesson is geared to the needs of the individual. Usually, the lesson begins with warm up exercises where I give instruction on "how to sing and the correction of vocal faults". Then I show you how to apply that to the literature we choose. Sometimes, a student will want to integrate sight singing in their lesson as well.


Prevent Vocal Abuse

Vocal abuse comes from anything that strains the voice in speaking or singing.  This can be pushing your voice, screaming, yelling, cheerleading, anything that causes you to go hoarse, such as coughing, etc.  It it important to sing so that you do not get calluses on your vocal chords.  If you sing correctly, you can sing for a lifetime.




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